Are you passionate about making a difference for our feline friends? We’re constantly seeking dedicated volunteers willing to contribute in various capacities. If you’re interested in lending your skills and time, please register in our database. Your support is invaluable, and as needs arise, we’ll reach out to you.

 We’re looking for volunteers with skills in:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Reliable logistics support
  • Providing compassionate animal care
  • Participation in CNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) projects
  • Design and social media expertise
  • Content creation
  • Photography 
  • Legal work and drafting capabilities
  • Cat grooming services
  • Foster Care Services 
  • Survey Enumerators 

Join our team and be a part of creating a better world for our feline companions!

Currently we need volunteers for our:  

Example: Field workers for survey. Drop us a line to find out more information.