• Advocacy for Animal Rights: Our primary stance is firm advocacy for animal welfare policies and legislation. We believe these measures are fundamental cornerstones in safeguarding the rights and well-being of cats in the Maldives.

• Encouraging Collaboration: We believe that collaboration is key! We strive to work together with local authorities, veterinary clinics, and other animal welfare organizations, welcoming anyone who shares our vision for a more compassionate community for cats.

• Control Through Care: We firmly believe in the success of Catch Neuter and Release (CNR) programs for feline welfare. Our commitment lies in organizing and implementing island-wide cat sterilization programs to manage the stray cat population.

• Supporting Shelters and Clinics: We pledge support to those interested in establishing shelters and cat healthcare facilities. Providing these creatures with dedicated safe havens for medical care and rehabilitation is integral to their well-being.

• Educating the Public: Our efforts would include conducting educational programs and awareness campaigns on responsible cat ownership. We emphasize the significance of spaying/neutering, proper healthcare, and being conscientious pet guardians.

Yes! We’re dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our feline friends.  Are you a cat lover too? Then join us on our journey to create a safer world for all the cats in Maldives.